Thursday, October 18, 2007

Pad Thai Cordillera Blanca Style

I've decided to expand this blog to some of the foods and unusual things we've been enjoying during our travels. I hope it is interesting. As you can imagine, we continue to treat 'our big trip' as 'our big meal'!

In Huaraz we had the fortune of a kitchen in our hostel. In between waiting for job interviews we hung out for a few days exploring the markets, laying in bed hoping I'd get better soon, and preparing a twist on pad thai with what ingredients we could find.

There are lots of cool different types of dried corn at the markets, very colourful. These are used shallow fried with salt as a kind of ubiquitous beer nut/ side dish or rehydrated in other dishes.

We couldn't resist the variety of different chillies, just a few cents for a pile.

These little fellas were just too different to pass by and were our beansprout substitute.

Cutting them open revealed big seeds, not what I'd expected. Luckily the mum at our guest house showed me how to prepare them. Surprisingly you peel off the outside bit with all the soft spikes and cut into strips. These are then used in salad or sauted with meat, or in this case, in pad thai!

So I give you pad thai, improvised in the Cordillera Blanca:

Take whatever noodles you can get (these are asain cup of noodle ones) and prepare per the packet.
Prepare a thin omlette and break up.
Add funky green vege, finely sliced chillis and noodles to pan and add lovingly carried pad thai sauce mix. Garnish with coriander leaves, rough chopped peanuts and lime wedges, and serve.


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