Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bread in an Adobe Oven

While I was in the mountains on the Gira Medica we made bread in an Adobe oven with the people from the school.

We made huge portions of a basic dough of flour, dried yeast, grasa (melted fat) and a little warm water in huge quantities in a tub.
This was then kneaded and formed into round loaves around 1.5 cm thick.
Meanwhile the oven was prepared by making a fire of wood and twigs in the oven. The coals thus produced where raked to one side and the breads placed inside and the door sealed.

It was a big team effort with people passing, rolling etc.

They turned out tasty and lightly wood charred. We had them for afternoon tea with canned pate.

This is a very common bread that I´ve seen on street stalls and in homes around the northwest.

There was enough bread for the whole week!


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